John Olav Haraldstad

Game Programmer, Video Game Player and B-movie entusiast!

​Welcome to my site! 
​Please check out my projects!

Here you will find all projects that I have touched througout my school career. I have developed using a range of platforms and engines / libraries.
I have also worked with different parts of development like UI, physics, animation systems and data driven systems.
I am also developing a small 2D engine using c++, which includes its own block allocator. I love programming, and intend filling up this page as much as I can.

Steam Buccaneers: Search for the Seven Cogs 

Top-down action adventure space-pirate game.

Undergrad project. Role as lead programmer. Was in control of physics, UI, animations and dialogue systems.

Developed with Unity for PC in 2016

Lumberyard Coliseum

VR gladiator combat game where the player has to fight warriors and llamas. 

Role as Combat Programmer. Developed weapon functionality and hit detection. Integrated Twitch chat voting system.

Developed using Lumberyard for the HTC Vive in 2016.

Super Market Rush

Serious game for children about nutrision. 

Role as Game System Programmer. Developed data driven system for designing levels. Implemented UI.

Developed using Unity for mobile in 2017.

Point of No Return

2D minsweeper / maze game. Navigate a group of people trough a minefield which is solved using minesweeper.

Role as Gameplay programmer. Implemented enemies, includeing behavior, spawning and animation system. 

Developed using Monogame library with C# for PC in 2016
  1. UE4
    2-player exploration game. Implemented networking. Part of Global Game Jam 2017
  2. Nightmare Puncher
    Nightmare Puncher
    2D reaction game. Designed and implemented enemy AI. Made with UE4 in 2016
  3. Fire Fighter Follie
    Fire Fighter Follie
    2D arcade game similar to Breakout. Made with HTML5 and Phaser in 2016
  1. My First Ritual
    My First Ritual
    2D-pixel combine items game. Implemented animations and player movement. Global Game Jam 2016
  2. Galapagos project
    Galapagos project
    Simulation made in STELLA, converted into resource management game. Made in Unity in 2015.
  3. Randomville
    Game with small and fast mini-games. Implemented mini-games and scene-management. Created in Flash in 2014.