John Olav Haraldstad

Game Programmer, Video Game Player and B-movie entusiast!

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New Projects 

Dr Color is released!

Dr Color is finally out on Google play for android!

We are proud to show of our work from the last 8 months and hope people will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed develope it.

The development process is still not done however. We want to take in all feedback and keep our game updated to make sure our product is of the highest quality!

Game can be found here .

New update for Illuminary!

Our Gamejam game, Illuminary has gotten an update and is released to for free. We have updated particle effects and decorated level with new models. 

Here is the download link:

We are still working on it, so more is to come!

Coming soon!
Dr.Color Digital Adventure

Our team called "Team Roloc" has been developing a new educational game for mobile. The game focuses on combining colors and matching them.

We have been working on this game for a bit over six months, and I am excited to say that we are close to release!

Global Game Jam 2017 - Illuminary

Finished Game Jam with superb team, and we developed Illuminary! 

Two players tries to locate each other in a very dark house using only sounds emitting from light they can shoot.

If you want to check it out: